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Time – it’s you and your team’s most important resource. Squandering work time often comes at the expense of personal time. Nuvia is designed to make you more productive wherever you need to work. In the office, in a home office, a hotel room, an airport or a coffee shop, our clients keep you connected and make you more responsive to co-workers and customers.

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SIP Desk Phones

Enjoy the traditional features of a business phone with the cost and effectiveness of the cloud. Nuvia supports all types of SIP desk phones, conference phones, and cordless phones.

Smart Office Desktop and Mobile Clients

Your office on the go -- Smart Office. Access your office number and collaboration services with easy-to-use communication applications for your computers and smart devices.

Realtime Connections Client for IBM

IBM Connections and Sametime users gain the power of enterprise-class telephone services seamlessly integrated with IBM’s presence, instant messaging and directory services.

A Ten Minute Guide to Teleworking

Tips for Working Successfully from Home or the Road


With Nuvia, users have just one business number that can be simultaneously used by a desktop phone, softphone, smartphone and tablet apps– making everyone more accessible, simplifying the calling experience and keeping mobile numbers private. A great solution to eliminate overpriced international calling from a mobile device.


Have you ever struggled to get hold of someone without knowing if they are busy or away from their desk? Nuvia’s Smart Office clients offer presence services to make it easy to see who is online, on the phone, away, or offline. Presence is built-in to Nuvia’s Smart Office clients, making it easy to see a co-worker’s status and reach-out with a single touch to send an instant message or make an audio or video call. Nuvia also provides a single business directory that makes it easy to find co-workers contact information, even from the road.


With only 7% of communication being verbal, how much of the real conversation are you missing? With Nuvia’s point-to-point video you won’t miss a single nuance with a “just-like-being-there” experience. Smart Office clients can bring you face-to-face regardless of distance.


Frustrated with the cost and usability of “collaboration” services that make it difficult for everyone to be seen, speak, and share screens? Smart Office Collaboration, available on Nuvia, is tightly integrated into our Smart Office clients. Don’t waste money on a separate service that has another directory and more passwords to forget. You can easily hold multi-party video and screen share sessions with your team, partners, and customers.

Nuvia Cloud UC

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