Nuvia Cloud Contact Center

Modern Tools for Better Customer Engagements

Most traditional call center solutions are focused on phone calls, they don’t reflect the need to simultaneously manage web inquiries, SMS, and other text-based interactions. Kandy Contact Center is ready for customers that don’t want to call at all. Agents can manage seamless move between engagement types so every customer is well served and supervisors can better manage staffing regardless of how a conversation starts.

Of course, Nuvia Contact Center is Cloud based so there is no need to invest thousands in complex infrastructure or learn how to manage complicated systems. Simply buy the number of seats and services required, scale up or down as demand changes. Agents can work from almost anywhere and still be part of a cohesive team. Sophisticated reports help managers drive results and spot problems before they get serious.

Nuvia Cloud Contact Center

Nuvia Cloud Contact Center - interface

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Inbound Voice

Create flexible Inbound Voice and IVR campaigns in minutes


Create email campaigns easily, use templates to improve agent productivity and reduce errors

Call Recording

Improve agent response and never lose track of a customer conversation. Record all calls at no extra charge

Web Chat

Increase conversion rates, improve customer service - extend agent access across multiple campaigns


Use thirty-five standard reports and unlimited custom reports to help make informed decisions quickly


Enable secure integration with business systems such as CRM, e-mail, and payment gateways

Why Choose Nuvia Cloud Contact Center?

Make Informed Decision – Faster

With more than thirty reports and alerts, Nuvia Cloud Contact Center delivers customer service directors real-time insight into performance and provides notification of major issues.

Increase Control and Visibility

Nuvia Cloud Contact Center gives supervisors direct control over their agents, campaigns and contact center operations. Supervisors can make changes in real-time, meaning that the Contact Center’s rules can be instantly updated to respond to dynamic business requirements.

Reduce Agent Training Time

As the frontline customer interface in any contact center, it’s important that agents are supported by easy-to-use, reliable technology that makes their jobs easier and their time more productive. Nuvia Cloud Contact Center’s intuitive user-interface is a single agent toolbar. Training takes hours not weeks.


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