Security by Design

Nuvia Cloud UC employs multiple layers of security to protect against unwanted intrusion and to protect your organization’s communications and content. Our security design follows three fundamental principles: restrict, encrypt, and minimize.

Stringent security standards


Guarding against unwanted intrusion or denial or service attacks is one of our highest priorities. Nuvia utilizes state of the art firewalls and session border controls to restrict and abstract access to Nuvia ensuring only the traffic that is supposed to get through does and then only to the systems to which the traffic is intended.

Nuvia’s carrier-grade, geographically redundant, nodes are hosted in secure top-tier data centers throughout the world. These data centers provide high-tech physical security, redundant power and cooling systems, and are SSAE 16/SAS 70 certified. 


Communications between users and the Nuvia service are architected to meet or exceed today’s most stringent security standards. Encryption of SIP signaling and media streams includes best in class VPNs between sites as well as TLS, and SRTP.   This ensure that both signaling and media traffic is secured, point to point. 


We take every precaution to limit the amount of personal user data that could be subject to exposure, maximizing privacy wherever possible.  We strive to limit data acquisition o only the content required for account activation.  For active accounts, we strive to store only the data required for billing.  

Calculator: On-Premise vs. Cloud PBX

Calculate the TCO between an On-Premise PBX vs. Cloud Hosted PBX

Secure account access

Personal Call Restrictions

User can restrict access from inappropriate callers with services such as anonymous call block and per phone number routing rules. Organizations can also use the Nuvia portal to minimize potential issues with toll abuse or phone access outside of business hours.  The portal offers per line call restrictions including international call restrictions, external call restrictions and the option to limit calls to exclusively to other employees.

Secure Administrative Access

Nuvia not only protects communications, it also provide the tools needed to effectively secure your account.  Nuvia’s portal requires SSL/HTTPS access, is partitioned by domain, and has separate, secure logins, per admin. 

Expect the Unexpected

Nuvia Cloud UC’s operations team routinely performs security assessments, intrusion detection tests and continually updates its security practices to address potential vulnerabilities. 


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