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Organizations of all sizes face increasing pressure to enhance their customer engagement tools. A bad customer experience used to be unfortunate, however in today’s era of social media and messaging, a handful of bad experiences can be business impacting. Customers have come to expect the sophisticated call and contact center solutions that large enterprises use, but these sophisticated on-premises solutions are too costly for most organizations to purchase, operate, and maintain.

Nuvia’s shared cloud economics make it practical for any organization to offer a sophisticated customer experiences, without massive investments in software or dedicated staff. Organizations can choose the right packages for their customer’s needs and even use different services for different departments or groups. The organization only pays for what it uses and can add/reduce features or seats as business needs change.

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Basic Group Calling Services

For organizations looking to manage low call volumes. Nuvia provides basic call queuing via hunt groups and UCD groups. A virtual wallboard option and live reporting services are also available for organizations that need more actionable information.

Cloud Call Center

Ideal for organizations that primarily interact with their customers via the phone (limited e-mail, IM, etc.). Cloud Call Center can intelligently queue calls to maximize agent productivity. Supervisors and business managers can track agent productivity and assure they have the right staffing for their peak and quiet hours.

Cloud Contact Center

Cloud Contact Center gives organizations the tools to keep pace with changing customer expectations. Manage web inquiries, email, and other text-based interactions along with traditional phone calls. Nuvia Cloud Contact Center centralizes powerful multi-channel interactions in the cloud, making it affordable to engage on your customers’ terms.

Nuvia Cloud UC

Your Partner in the Cloud

Why Cloud Call and Contact Center?

As staffing costs rise and competition for customer spending increases, organizations need cost-effective tools to proactively manage the customer engagement process, without adding more staff. Traditional premises-based call and contact center systems offer that power but can be expensive to acquire and cumbersome to operate. Nuvia centralizes all of that power in the cloud, letting agents focus on customers and supervisors manage people, not systems. There’s no need to invest thousands in complex infrastructure that quickly becomes obsolete. If the organization has different teams with different needs, no problem…simply buy the packages and seats required for each team’s requirements.


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