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Cloud PBX

Nuvia is the future of small business and enterprise communications. It replaces the need for an on-premises PBX, delivering the same functionality, and more, directly from the cloud. The result is a more cost-effective business-class phone service that is cheaper to deploy and offers integrated collaboration and mobility services that make users more effective.


Nuvia extends the reach of the desk phone on to computers, smartphones, and tablets, allowing users to be anywhere and on virtually any device and still be "in-the-office". This one-number solution allows employees to make and receive calls from their main business phone number on any device of their choice without sacrificing quality or features. Nuvia’s Smart Office clients deliver powerful unified communications features like presence, instant messaging, video calling, conferencing and collaboration.


Nuvia offers Smart Office Collaboration Rooms to make it easy for groups to connect and collaborate. Users get their own virtual meeting room to share their screen or individual applications (PowerPoint etc.). Participants can join over the phone or via multi-party video sessions. It’s easy to start a session from a Smart Office client or simply login from any web browser. Easily invite participants from anywhere in the world, all guests need is a web browser.

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Today’s business interactions are rarely just a point to point voice call; an interaction can start with presence and instant messaging and easily escalate to an audio call, video conference, or a full collaboration session. Nuvia provides the services and clients needed to make collaboration simple, scalable and effective.

Cloud PBX

First and foremost, Nuvia delivers carrier-class cloud PBX and hosted phone services that provide all the features organizations expect from a traditional business phone system. Users can choose a traditional desktop business phone, cordless phones or clients for their computers and smartphones and tablets. Can’t choose, use multiple clients simultaneously (they can be configured to ring simultaneously) and simply select the one that is most convenient.

Unified Communications

More than just phone service, Nuvia offers unified communications features such as presence, instant messaging, mobile applications, video conferencing and more. Modern unified communications clients allow users to easily search for co-workers working in other sites or from home. Traveling employees can stay connected from a hotel, airport or any place with Internet access (4G too); all without having to add additional infrastructure or support.

Cloud Contact Center

Today's customers are engaging with organizations from multiple sources including voice, video, chat, SMS, and social media. Nuvia's Cloud Contact Center includes all the features needed to connect customer interactions across multiple media types, at the fraction of the cost of building traditional contact center solution.

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Nuvia supports many standards-based SIP phones including the most popular Polycom and Yealink business phones. These phones are tightly integrated into the Nuvia ecosystem making deployment and configuration a breeze.

Softphone Clients for PCs & Macs

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Nuvia PC and Mac softphone clients can replace or complement a traditional business phone. Use them in the office, in a home office or on the road; anywhere you have your computer and internet access you have a complete unified communications experience.

Smartphone & Tablet Clients

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With Nuvia, users have just one phone number that can be simultaneously used by a desktop phone as well as smartphone and tablet apps for iOS and Android – simplifying the calling experience and keeping mobile numbers private.

WebRTC Clients

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Make and receive voice/video calls from your office number, search the company directory, see a co-worker’s presence status and send instant messages - directly from the web.

Nuvia Cloud UC

Your Partner in the Cloud


Traditional phone systems and PBXs are expensive to maintain and require a large capital investment to update or replace.

Nuvia takes all of the guesswork away by offering a cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow, service. It doesn’t skimp on quality or features, won’t hurt the bottom line, and will continue to deliver innovative services year after year.

It doesn’t matter if your organization needs 5, 10, or 10,000 lines, Nuvia’s carrier-class heritage, and worldwide presence will deliver reliable service. As your organization grows your Nuvia service can grow with you, adding services as needed.

Phones and clients are designed for plug and go deployment. A multi-level web portal makes it easy to assign limited administrative roles to local staff.

End users don’t have to bother IT staff to make simple changes, Nuvia makes moves, adds and changes quick and simple.

World Class Reliability, Enterprise Ready Services and Consumer Ease of Use

The right cloud communications solution needs to be incredibly simple to use, without requiring IT support. However, making Nuvia easy to use doesn’t mean limiting its capabilities. From sophisticated mobile services to multimedia contact centers, Nuvia delivers the tools that improve user productivity and customer engagement. It has the scale and administration tools to support one location or one-thousand, with the same features available worldwide. And Nuvia is ready for the long haul, built with the same proven equipment that drives millions of lines at Service Providers across the globe. Nuvia elements are anchored in geographically redundant data centers - offering the peace of mind that Nuvia is ready for almost anything.

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